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FusionFind LLC employs several methods in recruiting top-quality candidates. Our recruiters have long-standing relationships with some of the best people in the industry across the global spectrum of financial services. We look for committed and dedicated people whose expertise can make a difference. We seek out those who have a proven skill set, can provide excellent references, and are enthusiastic about the collective challenges of working in the Financial Industry.

Each open position is unique in its selection criteria. Upon engagement, our recruitment professionals work with the key stakeholders to come up with a customized set of criteria for determining which candidates are appropriate. In addition to educational requirements, desired experience, preferred skills, etc., we ask the hiring manager to consider the current team’s demographics and working dynamic and, with this in mind, to articulate the “ideal candidate profile.” We rely quite heavily on the agreed-upon selection criteria, as described above, to ensure that the candidates we present are of the highest quality and are aligned with the ideal candidate profile. Our strategy in presenting candidates is to provide a fair and balanced account of the candidate’s skill, experience, and personality.

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